QuSoft, the first research center dedicated to quantum software, was launched on 3 December 2015. This joint initiative of CWI, the University of Amsterdam and VU University will be located at Amsterdam Science Park in The Netherlands. QuSoft’s mission is to develop new protocols, algorithms and applications that can be run on small and medium-sized prototypes of a quantum computer. Its main focus is the development of quantum software, requiring fundamentally different techniques and approaches from conventional software. QuSoft will specifically target few-qubit applications, quantum testing and debugging, quantum architecture and quantum cryptography.

Directors are Harry Buhrman (CWI and UvA) and Kareljan Schoutens (UvA). The new center will be hosted by CWI. It aims to grow to 35 to 40 researchers and will be home to four research groups, each with numerous PhD students and postdocs. The QuSoft initiative has been warmly welcomed internationally and enjoys strong support from the European and North American quantum computing communities. The structural funding of QuSoft allows for further strengthening of the existing ties with quantum computing research organizations worldwide and researchers from leading computer industry partners, including Google, Microsoft and ID Quantique.
More information: http://www.qusoft.org

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