Online Social Networks: Human Cognitive Constraints in Facebook and Twitter Personal Graphs

V. Arnaboldi, A. Passarella, M. Conti, R.I.M. Dunbar

This book provides new insights into the structural properties of personal online social networks and the mechanisms underpinning human online social behavior.

As the availability of digital communication data generated by social media is revolutionizing the field of social networks analysis, the text discusses the use of large- scale datasets to study the structural properties of online ego networks, to compare them with the properties of general human social networks, and to highlight additional properties. Users will find the data collected and conclusions drawn useful during design or research service initiatives that involve online and mobile social network environments.

The book is intended for researchers and students active in the field of social network analysis, and professionals in the field of Online Social Networking service design.

Elsevier, Software Engineering and Programming, October 2015, 116 pages. ISBN: 9780128030233

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