PaaSage, a large scale European research project for developing an open and integrated platform to support model based lifecycle management of Cloud applications for software and service providers is proud to announce the official public release of the first version of the PaaSage product.

The PaaSage product and the source code will be available through the OW2 AppHub European Open Source Market Place on 30 September.

As of today, Cloud solutions are still insufficient and in particular require from developers, operators and providers a high level of expertise to properly exploit the capabilities offered by Cloud technologies. Cloud infrastructures are not standardised and porting an existing application to a Cloud platform is still a very challenging task, leading to strong dependencies between the client application and the Cloud platform. Developing once and deploying on many Cloud Platforms is what the PaaSage development environment enables.

PaaSage is an integrated open source development environment to support both design and deployment of Cloud applications, together with an accompanying methodology that allows model-based development, configuration, optimisation and deployment of existing and new applications independently of the existing underlying Cloud infrastructures.

Launched in October 2012, PaaSage is a research project carried out by 19 European partners, and led by ERCIM. The PaaSage technology will also be showcased at the upcoming Paris Open Source Summit 18-19 November 2015).

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