In the last 18 months, the LIDER project has organized several roadmapping events to gather a broad community around the topic of linguistic linked data. In July this year, LIDER will engage with two selected communities. On 6 July, the 5th LIDER roadmapping workshop will be held in Rome at Sapienza University of Rome. The topic will be cross-media linked data and the event will provide several high level speakers from the multimedia area. On 13 July LIDER will organize the 6th roadmappping workshop in Munich. The event will be hosted by Siemens and will focus on content analytics and linked data in healthcare and medicine.


LIDER will finish end of October 2015, but the community will continue to be active in W3C, as the latter serves as the umbrella organization with an anchor in the Internationalization Activity and several related groups like Linked Data for Language Technologies (LD4LT), OntoLex or BPMLOD.

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