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Today software has a significant impact on all aspects of our society, and its functioning is crucial for a multitude of economic, social, and educational activities. As a consequence, correctness and quality assurance for software systems becomes paramount.

Automation across the Software-Testing Process is a powerful asset to improve the quality of software systems: while originally conceived for test execution, nowadays it is increasingly used for a wide range of testing activities (e.g., generation, prioritization, evolution). However, also the development and the maintenance of test code require considerable effort and skills. Besides, tests themselves need to be kept aligned with the ever-evolving system under test. Therefore, the potential benefits aimed by test automation have to be weighted against its costs and drawbacks.

This special issue aims at investigating some pressing needs for the research in test automation: i) how to integrate means to assess the usefulness and the applicability of new techniques and approaches; ii) what are the issues that prevent broader adoption of existing tools or solutions, and iii) how to collect evidence of (financial, technical and social) costs and benefits of the current trend and practices in test automation. Some of the answers to these questions come from contributions regarding approaches, techniques, tools, experience reports, or empirical studies about test automation adoption and its effectiveness.

Guest Editors

  • Maurizio Leotta, University of Genova
  • Guglielmo De Angelis, CNR-IASI
  • Filippo Ricca, University of Genova

Antonia Bertolino, CNR-ISTI

Manuscript submission deadline: 31 March 2021

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Next issue: January 2021
Special theme:
"Epidemic Modelling"
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