ERCIM's Board of Directors unanimously accepted INRIA's offer to host the ERCIM Office and reappointed Jérôme Chailloux as Manager for the next three years from June 2008 to May 2011. INRIA has been hosting the ERCIM Office since the beginning, providing the ERCIM Manager and supporting the costs for running the office. Michel Cosnard, CEO and Chairman of INRIA, stated: "As a co-founder of ERCIM nineteen years ago, INRIA is proud that ERCIM is now a key actor of the European research area in Information and Communication Science and Technologies."

Jérôme Chailloux, ERCIM Manager.
Jérôme Chailloux, ERCIM Manager.

Jérôme Chailloux was appointed as the ERCIM Manager in June 2005 and as such he is also the Site Manager of the W3C Europe office hosted by ERCIM. Jérôme started his career at INRIA in 1980 where he became a Research Director before co-founding the company ILOG (the second spin-off of INRIA), a world leader in software components for optimisation, decision aid and visualisation. He then took the position of CIO of the genomics company GENSET, where he led one of Europe's largest teams of bioinformaticians. Until 2000, he was a member of the Coordination Committee for Information and Communication Science and Technologies of the French National Ministry of Education, Research and Technology.

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