The Apple Research & Technology Support (ARTS) programme diploma was awarded in recognition of INRIA's Cardiosense3D national action. The project develops software tools used in modelling the electromechanical activity of the heart. The teams involved are developing a customised heart simulator which will provide specialists with a 3D view of each patient's physiological parameters (contraction mechanism, electrophysiology, perfusion, metabolism).

Apple is no newcomer to corporate sponsorship. Its ARTS programme was set up to support leading European research institutes and help young scientists through their projects by giving them access to Apple technology. ARTS award winners receive $30,000 worth of Apple hardware, software and assistance.

Apple has shown a particularly keen interest in INRIA's activities and wished to commend the scientific excellence of the Institute's young researchers.

Miguel Fernandez, coordinator of Cardiosense3D, received the prize from Massimo Marino (European Manager of the ARTS programme/Apple Europe Education and Research Team) during a ceremony on 11 July, in the presence of Richard Ramos, Education and Research Manager of Apple France, and Antoine Petit, Director of the INRIA Paris - Rocquencourt research centre.

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