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ERCIM News 97
April 2014
Special theme:
Cyber-Physical Systems

Guest editors:
- Maria Domenica Di Benedetto (University of L’Aquila, Center of Excellence DEWS, Italy),
- Francoise Lamnabhi-Lagarrigue (CNRS, Laboratoire des Signaux et Systèmes, France)
- Erwin Schoitsch (AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, Safety & Security Department, Vienna/AARIT, Austria)

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Anja Feldmann awarded € 2.5 million Leibnitz Prize 2011

Anja Feldmann from TU Berlin is one of the ten winners of Germany's most prestigious research prize. The Joint Committee of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) named ten researchers, four women and six men, as the winners of the 2011 Leibniz Prize on 2 December 2010. The award winners were selected by the Nominations Committee from among 152 nominees.

Anja Feldmann is the scientific expert on the internet in Germany and a leading figure in the international internet research community. Her work on internet routing, traffic analysis and modelling has advanced basic research and played a decisive role in the ongoing development of the Internet. Feldmann's studies of the potentials and limits of web proxy caching have shaped the business decisions of countless internet services, and technologies for compressing and sending web page updates based on her findings have become ubiquitous elements in internet browsers and servers. Her recent work has focused on technologies for detecting and defending high speed networks against malicious attacks, as well as new Web applications and forms of internet usage.

See also her recent article “Network Virtualization - An Enabler for Overcoming Ossification” in ERCIM News No. 71, p. 21.